Muesli by Mom and Me

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Today's product is Muesli by the company Good Stuff by Mom and Me.  I found this in California of course!  

This product I enjoyed for lunch a few days ago with homemade almond milk, was a great mixture of sweet and salty.  It was made with dates, but it wasn't too sweet, which is what I like.  And although there were nuts in it already, the almond milk didn't overpower the flavor of the Muesli.  My favorite part of this mix was the chewiness and crunchiness and how it complemented each other.  No flavor or texture outshone the other. It was a perfect blend and made me very happy to eat lunch!  And the best part was that it was SO filling and lasted me a good few hours!

Other benefits:
- gluten free
- raw (dehydrated at a low temperature)
- no pesticides or gmo
- increases bioactivity and digestability
- all natural

Shout out to Mom and Me for making such a great product!  Maybe some day we can get it in Chicago?!

~Live in the Raw~

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